• Connected Vehicle Days of Doom – Articles of the Month 03/20
    The CASE megatrends (Connectivity, Autonomy, Sharing, Electrification) have been the hot potato within the automotive industry for some time now. With connectivity come cybersecurity problems with which we work daily. But what are the worst case scenarios for automotive cybersecurity? Here are my favourite examples. The four largest vehicle manufacturers (Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota) each make up 10 % of the vehicles in New York. If one of them becomes … Read more
  • Managing Products to Deliver Solutions – Book of the Month 3/20
    Managing Products to Deliver Solutions: 25 Best Practices for B2B Product Management by John Mansour is our choice for the book of the month for March. This 78-page book is a quick read and full of ideas, some of which can be found contradictory to what is commonly thought within the practice. Or what would you say, if somebody claimed that "uncovering needs doesn't begin with users – it ends … Read more