We offer two primary pricing models: Hourly Rates and Fixed Price Projects. Hourly rates are applied to small engagements while most larger engagements can be quoted as fixed price projects. We provide effort estimations and quotes free of charge, on request.

Learn more about: hourly rates, fixed price projects and the Customer Satisfaction Margin (CSM).

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are fully inclusive of everything. Travel, invoicing, generic materials or other minor costs will not be added. Hourly rates are invoiced monthly.

Location Hourly Rate Minimum Billing
Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, remote 120 € 15 min
Finland 240 € 4 h
Europe 360 € 8 h
World 480 € 8 h

Fixed Price Projects

Fixed price projects are quoted separately. A prior, hourly-based engagement helps reduce price risk. Fixed price projects are invoiced upon achieved project milestones.

Example: ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System for a Software Company
Company size was less than 100 people on one site in Finland and some remote workers. Project duration was approximately nine months. Unlimited Consulting managed the project, established quality management processes, consulted in the establishment of other processes, lead internal audits and managed the external audit. The project was invoiced in four instalments of 3,000 € upon successful audits.

Customer Satisfaction Margin

The Customer Satisfaction Margin (CSM) is a share of the Hourly Fee or Fixed Fee that can be deducted from the payment at the customer's discretion, should they not be satisfied with our services. The CSR is always 50% and applied to all invoicing.

Why is the CSR not 100%? Because we too are human and need to eat. : ) In some Fixed Price Projects, typically ones having hard deadlines, we apply a special 100% margin for the case of missing a deadline.