Financial Standards and Regulatory Compliance Enables Market Entry

Our customer had successfully launched a financial automation product in Finland and few other European countries. They wanted to understand, what standards and regulation would impact the product and how.

Unlimited Consulting identified standards and regulation relevant to the customer's product, trained the customer's staff on compliance to the most relevant regulation at the time (GDPR) and helped the customer recruit a product compliance manager.

As a result, the customer was able to meet the immediate compliance requirements and continue to manage further requirements internally.

End-to-End Connected Vehicle Platform Demonstrator Positions Consortium as an Industry Leader

Connectivity is one of the automotive megatrends embraced by several industry players. Not many have been successfully able to demonstrate bi-directional end-to-end connected vehicle scenarios. Our customer was also lacking capability to demonstrate their e-Cockpit computer’s connected vehicle features.

Unlimited Consulting created a clear vision for the customer and its partners for a joint connected vehicle demonstrator and managed the project for the implementation, marketing and launch of the demonstrator.

As a result, the demonstrator was successfully launched on time at IZB in October 2018 and increased customer’s social media engagement by over 1000 %.

Automotive Standards and Regulatory Compliance Enables Market Entry

Our customer was bringing one the first products consolidating multiple automotive electric control units into the markets. The customer had identified standards and regulatory compliance as one of the key requirements for successful market entry.

Unlimited Consulting identified standards and regulation relevant to the customer's product, created a roadmap for achieving compliance and managed projects to achieve the milestones on the roadmap.

As a result, the customer was able to convince prospects that it could meet automotive quality requirements, established an ISO 9001 certified quality management system, and later extended it with ASPICE and ISO 26262 compliance.

Complex Multi-Vendor Program Leads to Successful Market Entry

After having been closed for some time, online gambling markets in Spain and the UK would be opened for licensed operators. Being a small gambling operator, our customer saw the opening of the market as an opportunity to grow rapidly. The challenge was to coordinate one of the company’s largest programs with several external entities without the authorities announcing a clear regulatory timeline or go live date.

Unlimited Consulting managed the program of over 200 people, seven external companies and five million euro budget successfully to completion.

As a result, the customer went live on both markets the day they were opened leading to an increase in profits of about 3 % during first year (after six months of operation).

Agile ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 Certified Development Model Decreased Release Time by 80 %

New European Union regulation had forced our customer to establish an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 certified quality management system. The customer had implemented the standards “by the book”, leading to waterfall software development model with heavy manual documentation effort.

Unlimited Consulting rewrote the software development processes and implemented suitable automation to support agile development models.

As a result the customer's release testing time was reduced by 80 %, post-release defect rate was not negatively impacted and the quality management system certifications were retained, making them one of the first certified agile models in Finland.